Attention Chronic pain Patients-part III…I’m Gonna be Nice This Time :)

We’re at the river’s edge…. And we will sink or swim on our solidified numbers only.

The War on Chronic Pain Patients

Part I

part II

In the first two posts-I not so subtly pointed out what I see as many of the biggest issues in the CPP community.

I could write a freakin novel about the problems.
I’m not going to though.

We need solutions.

We need to ALL work together.

We-as in ALL of us-need to get our collective sh*t together.

WE need to come up with a coherent,fact based,intelligently worded message.

If we don’t,no politician,no .gov agency head/mgt is going to pay any attention whatsoever to us.

I get that it’s hard to do on Twitter-due to 240 character limit,Farcebook ain’t much better.

There are a metric f*ckton of advocacy groups on Twitter/Farcebook.

None of us/them have a coherent,concisely worded,fact based message.

Everyone is all over the place-just throwing random sh*t against the wall to see if it sticks.

We appear unhinged to those who don’t understand what’s being…

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